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Make your interior’s appearance unique with our Veneer sheets.


The veneer is one of the attractive products available to design your cabinets. It’s a thin layer of a wooden sheet made of natural wood which gives its personalized touch of design. Numerous designs need particular materials and when it comes to decisions, the veneer is the one that wins.

Creative eye


Trendy designs

Carbon emission-free

Detail oriented

Look enhancer

Superior communication


Why Veneer?

Many ask why Arcturus goes with veneer. We have the best reason to justify our pick. We can go with other materials in the market, but no one beats the veneer when it comes to durability. As one of the best interior designing company in Coimbatore, we are conscious of our client’s satisfaction in the long run.

When compared to other materials in the market, the veneer is easy to source as it is a sub-product of wood. It ensures that we finish the work within the timeline and gives our customers a luxurious look in the quotation. No matter if it’s residential or commercial, we got your back.

We want our customers to have the best in the industry. So, we suggest veneer, which gives the space a gorgeous, appealing look without a second thought. We can use both gloss and matte finish accordingly to your space.

We give exclusive melamine coating to our veneer surface to make sure it’s waterproof and long-lasting. Our veneer sheets are eco-friendly and renewable resources. We provide high-quality factory-manufactured veneer sheets which is why we make the best interior designing in Coimbatore.

We can source the veneer wood sheets from both our domestic and international partners. These sheets are less than 3mm in thickness and can be used on any covering areas like doors, cabins, and flooring. As the best interior designing company in Coimbatore, we derive any kind of veneers like raw wood, laid-up, backed wood and laminated.

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    Types of Veneer Substrate

    There are three main kinds of veneer sheets we use for our clients exclusively. Each sheet is different from the other and we can assure you the individuality from our side depending on the application.

    Paper-Backed Veneer

    Wood-On-Wood Veneer

    Phenolic-Backed Veneer

    The best interior service in Coimbatore, Arcturus life space uses veneer sheets in its interior as a part to ensure successful and deep-rooted durable surfaces for our clients. A definitive point of utilizing a wood veneer is to draw out a very good quality strong wood thing take a gander at a cheaper as far as work cost, the time taken to make as well as material expense.

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