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Retail Interior Design

Arcturus follows the best retail interior designing practices which convey your brand’s story. We design from stunner window displays to classic signage boards. Our store designs are designed to welcome customers, guide them through your store, inspire them to interact with your products, and ultimately encourage them to shop at your store.

Racetrack layout

Arcturus life space is the best retail interior designer in Coimbatore which specializes in creating a great racetrack layout for your retail shop. We create a space where it benefits the store by showing its entire showroom as the center attraction. Also called looped layout or forced path, we design your retail in a way that makes the customer visit each and every section of your retail without fail.

Grid and diagonal layout

The best interior designer in Coimbatore, Arcturus life space creates the best grid layout for your retail space. This design by us maximizes the product visibility and minimizes the white space which results in better product movement. We can assure to design in the way to display a variety of your products with lots of exposure to it. Our team designs your space with the best practices in the industry.

Angular and geometric layout

The Arcturus life space uses this highly practical angular and geometric layout at retail places to ensure more aesthetic and conventional spaces in your retail shop. This design is a unique combination of shapes with full functionality which is clean and responsive for any store. The scheme we follow in our designs perfectly reflects the nature of your business in full swing. That is why we are the best interior designers in Coimbatore.

Mixed interior plan

Many hesitate to do mixed floor plans but we do it with perfection. The Arcturus life space creates a mixed floor plan which will practically be working for your retail space. We use multiple design elements which create a flexible layout for retailers. This layout will be crafted with caution to ensure easy maintenance for the retailers and free flowing for the customers too. This makes us the best interior designing company in Coimbatore.


Arcturus never fails to impress, whether it’s with a gleaming modular kitchen, personalised furniture, varied textiles, stunning lighting, iconic paintings, or elegant wardrobes.




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