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Residential Interior Design

Arcturus’s residential interior design is a demanding thing. We design according to the client’s taste and personality which perfectly fits the client’s home. Each part of the home is designed uniquely with caution. The furnishing works and space designing are what we are mastered at which ensures luxury with coziness. The interior design by Arcturus life space ensures harmonious residential interiors with full turnkey solutions.


Apartments & Flats Interior designis a dedicated part of our interior designing business. Arcturus is well known for its best apartment interior design in Coimbatore. We make your spaces liveable with suitable furniture and adequate lighting based on needs. We choose color patterns according to the room’s mood and the client’s personality. Using statement pieces, we can also create a focal in your apartment and flats. We use smart storage and mirrors to maximize the utility of living spaces.

Individual Houses & Row Houses

Individual Houses & Row Houses are an intrinsic part of our business. Arcturus is recognized for its best individual house interior design in Coimbatore. We also work on duplex house interior designing service in Coimbatore. When it comes to individual houses, we work on any basis like unique designs for each floor, room, etc. we design accordingly to the functionality of the house which benefits the client in long run. The spectrum of colors we choose to match the requirement itself will play a great role here.

Living Area Interiors

The living room also called lounge, parlor, front room, sitting room, etc is one of the most happening places in the home. It’s almost used to entertain people like holding parties, dances etc. it also favours the couch lovers as they spend most of the time here. We at Arcturus life space design your living room’s interior in an elegant way that inspires all your guests to utter the word “wow!”. That is why we are the best living room decorators in Coimbatore.

Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is something so intimate which reflects a person’s private space with taste. We design such delicate spaces with meticulous caution. It’s a space where you relax after a hectic day, sleep, study, and all. So, we personalize accordingly to the client’s intimate taste and that starts to reflect positively in every inch of your bedroom like windows, doors, closets, and so on. As a result, we are the best bedroom interior designers in Coimbatore.

Modern Bathroom Interiors

Bathrooms are a cardinal part of any interior, especially in residential interiors. Whether it is a full bathroom, a three-quarter bathroom, or a half-bathroom our interiors are made to make the best possible one. It’s the most fundamental area in a living space where one can take bath, and relax. The interior design of bathrooms is imperative as it’s the area that needs to be designed efficiently to make sure it gives the serine vibes of a relaxing space. Correspondingly, we are the best bathroom interior designers in Coimbatore with all high-quality materials from the both domestic and international market.


Whether it is a glistening modular kitchen, personified furniture, diversified fabrics, spectacular lighting, signature paintings, or chic wardrobes, Arcturus never fails to make it wow. 




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